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Band Saws

Pulldown 160.120 RB

Pulldown 160.120 RB

Pulldown 160.120 RB is a small but effective band saw for cutting arc tubes and profiles. The powerful two-speed engine and hard metal blade guide ensure the required cutting performance. With the adjustable arms of the clamping table you can easy place the material to the required angle. Well readable scales are placed directly on the table console and its arms. Two blade speeds are ideal for cutting structural (70 m.min-1) and stainless (30 m.min-1) steels. Downfeed of the saw frame is provided manually from the front side of the machine.

The saw is equipped with a high-performance double-speed motor, quick-action vice, and continuous arm turning at a stable position of the clamped material up to 90 °. The saw band downfeed and arm lifting are performed manually. Within the optional accessories, a cooling basin and stand/pedestal can also be connected to the saw.

Key features

  • portable due to its size
  • excellent cutting precision
  • two-sided angular adjustment of clamping arms according to material in a range of 0 ° to 90 ° (0 ° to -90 °) 
  • simple operation and maintenance

Cutting parameters

0 ° 120

Technical specification

Working mode: Manual
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: 0 ° - 90 °
Drive: 0,25 / 0,37 kW, 1 x 230 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 30 m/min-1 a 70 m/min-1
Saw band dimensions: 1620 x 13 x 0,65 mm
Material loading height: 90 mm (without pedestal)
Shortest remainder length:

Machine dimensions

Length: 755 mm
Width: 414 mm
Height: 752 mm
Weight: 38 kg

Suitable handling systems


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