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The story begins in 1993

Tradition, innovation and experience since 1993. One man and his idea at the beginning, the company with almost 300 employees at the end. 30 years of hard work, fails and winns. Knowledges, partners and a customers, which will show you the right face of your efforts. This is what we are now.

The BOMAR company has been founded in 1993, with 6 employees and 120 m² of production area. The production schedule contained a single model of band saw. Due to the strong demand for cost-effective and high-quality band saws, we were able to significantly extend the range of our products. During a short period of time, our ratio of products exported has exceeded 50%. During the following years, our company has been further expanding due to permanent development, quality improvements and extending our dealers networks in Europe, Asia and America.

Creative Technik Maschinenbau e.U was founded in 1995. (CTM). With its specialization in drilling units and machine tools, it has added a portfolio of offered solutions for the prospective processing of cut materials.

In addition to comprehensive services in the field of material cutting, EXACTCUT was founded in 1997. From the outset, it has focused on the production of high-performance circular saws and individual cutting centers.

In 2007, the company moved to a newly built plant in Brno - Slatina, where, thanks to new production facilities, it could further develop its potential. Several other key machines have been added to the production program, such as the Extend automatic band saw, especially designed for large operations.

After mastering the economic crisis in 2008, the company has stabilized and continues to develop. With the advent of automation, we place far greater demands on the individual approach and solutions in the area of material cutting and its subsequent processing. We develop flexibility in series machines. At our cutting centers we integrate robotic elements and remote management.

We are growing and our customers are growing with us.