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Circular saws

AL 500 semi-automatic

AL 500 semi-automatic

semiautomatic circular saw designed for cutting profiles as well as full materials from aluminium alloys, copper, and hard plastics. The machine is equipped with vertical pneumatic clamping devices for safe clamping of the processed material. For safety reasons, the left clamping device is equipped with a return valve to deal with possible drops in air pressure. The machine may also be equipped with horizontal clamping devices.

The circular blade downfeed is controlled pneumatic-hydraulically. The cutting speed is regulated with an over ow valve located on the main control panel. The machine is equipped with a rotary table which turns synchronously with the circular blade, allowing the material to be cut both-sided within the 60° range left and from 0° to 60° range right.
Manual turning of the table with the circular blade may be done easily directly from the operator’s post. The front part of the table holds an easy-to-read control angular scale.

The circular blade cutting height is set from the main control panel. The table board is equipped with rear adjustable support jaws. The saw may be easily connected to an exhaust device.

The machine is equipped with mist greasing. In connection with the feeding system, the saw may be extended to a fully automatic device.

Key features

  • Ergonomic construction of the machine with easy control
  • Smooth adjustment of cutting angles
  • Micronizer for lubrication of saw blade
  • Electronic control of cover opening

Cutting parameters

60°L 120 120x70 55x170 115  
170 265x25 90x175 155 ( Clamping jaws in front )
135 395x70 95x375 95 ( Clamping jaws in back )
45°R 150 180x50 80x170 130  
60°R 120 120x70 55x170 105  

Technical specification

Working mode: semiautomatic
Machine type: Circular saw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: -60° - 0° - 60°
Drive: 4 kW, 3x400 V/50 Hz
Air pressure: 0,4 - 0,6 bar
Saw blade speed: 3000 m/min.
Saw blade dimensions: Ø 500 x 30 x 4,1
Material loading height: 1065 mm
Shortest remnant length: 50 mm
Smallest sawing diameter: Ø 8 mm

Machine dimensions

Length: 950 mm
Width: 890 mm
Height: 1 560 mm
Weight: 500 kg

Suitable handling systems

Handling System M

Highly flexible handling solution for feeding medium weight materials. Thanks to a unique profile system, “M” System roller tracks may be easily adjusted to customer’s requirements. With the bearing capacity up to 150 kg and a wide range of accessories and connection pieces of BOMAR bandsaws, the “M” System is an ideal partner for handling material in your workshop.

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Handling System M


Exhausting device AL-KO Exhausting device AL-KOMobile, flexible exhausting system with filter cylinders and a section for waste material collection.