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Circular saws



AL 500 DGA is a fully automatic machine for every application. Of course there is an automatic two-sided angle cutting up to 60° for aluminum and non-ferrous metals with up-stroke 1500 mm. Machine control is solved by modern control units from B&R. The actual control of the machine is done via the touch screen. Due to continuous duplex angle cuts up to 60° can be performed complicated cuts with high accuracy and time-saving automation. Programming is done in easy steps, thanks to the graphical representation of individual sections is provided a clear overview in all procedures.

The machine allows vertical clamping of the material on the left or right of the saw blade. Material loading is moved to the cutting table through roller track. Material move is performed by feeder that is deposited on the linear guide. The feeder is driven by an electric motor and belt. One material upstroke may be up to 1500 mm. Multiple material upstroke may be up to 9999 mm. Circular saw AL 500 DGA, thanks to their complete covering, meets all current safety standards. Of course saw is equipped by the preparation for suction equipment.

Key features

  • Material cutting in automatic mode from -60° left to +60° right
  • Smooth adjustment of cutting angles
  • Up-to-date control with graphical touch-screen display
  • Micronizer system for mist-oiled lubrication

Cutting parameters

60°L 120 120x70 55x165 115  
45°L 150 180x50 80x165 130
170 265x25 90x170 150
45°R 150 180x50 80x165 130  
60°R 120 120x70 55x165 105  

Technical specification

Working mode: automatic
Machine type: circular saw
Cut: mitre cuts
Mitre cuts range: -60° - 0° - 60°
Drive: 4 kW, 3x400 V/50 Hz
Air pressure:
Saw blade speed: 3000 m/min.
Saw blade dimensions: Ø 500 x 30 x 4,1
Material loading height: 1119,3 mm
Shortest remnant length: 325 mm
Smallest sawing diameter: Ø 10 mm

Machine dimensions

Length: 1 110 mm
Width: 2 080 mm
Height: 1 630 mm
Weight: 530 kg

Suitable handling systems


Exhausting device AL-KO Exhausting device AL-KOMobile, flexible exhausting system with filter cylinders and a section for waste material collection.

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