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Band Saws

Topline 610.450 DGH

Topline 610.450 DGH

The Topline is semiautomatic horizontal band saw with both sided 60° left and right rotating arm. The saw arm is guided by two sturdy columns and mounted on pre-stressed linear guides with zero backlash in both columns. The three-sided precision carbide guide of the saw band, 34mm high saw band and synchronously running swarf-removing brush are the best prerequisites for excellent cutting output of this machine.

Optimum clamping of the workpiece when cutting is facilitated by full-stroke jaw vice, which clamps the material both before and behind the cut.

The machine is equipped with a frequency converter enabling setting of the optimum saw band speed according to the material cut within the range of 20–120 m/min., which signi cantly increases both the service life of the saw bands and the machine productivity.

All controls are located on a freely adjustable control panel. A wide range of optional accessories is available to adapt the machine to the specific sawing requirements.

Cutting parameters

450 610x450 - 450x450
45°R 430 450x430 - 430x430
60°R 280 450x280 - 280x280
45°L 430 450x370 - 430x430
60°L 280 300x240 - 280x280

Technical specification

Working mode: semiautomatic
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Mitre cut
Mitre cuts range: -60° - 60°
Drive: 6,5 kW, 3x400 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 20 - 120 m/min.
Saw band dimensions: 6 220x41x1,3 mm
Material loading height: 800 mm
Shortest remainder length: 80 mm

Machine dimensions

Length: 1 697 mm
Width: 3 037 mm
Height: 2 296 mm
Weight:  1 600 kg

Innovative accessories

Material stop

Micro-spray system For ideal cutting of pipes and profiles, the micro-spray unit applies a grease film on the teeth points and lateral sides of the saw band.

Saw band tension indicator

Saw band tension indicator The saw band tension indicator provides permanent control of the band tension, even during the machine operation.

Chip removing gun

Chip removing gun Tool for fast and easy cleaning of the machine from chips and burrs.

Laser Liner

Laser Liner The laser unit copies the exact line in the saw band axis to the material. Laser Liner allows precise adjustment of the marked material.

Digital angle indicator

Digital angle indicator For an accurate reading angles of the arm position. Reading variables show digital display.

Workspace lighting

Workspace lighting A halogen lamp for lighting the Workspace, adjustable and mounted on the flexible arm.

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