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Band Saws

ProForce 450.450 ASNC

ProForce 450.450 ASNC

ProForce is powerfull and automatic CNC bandsaw, prepared for high ef cient productivity. Thanks to the special construction of the machine there is the possibility to keep the highest sawing standards, even with a bimetal blade, what creates very reasonable ratio price / cut.

Machine is supposed to be a part of bigger lines and cutting centers with a combination of conveyors and cross feeding units. New and more intuitive system provides easy adjustment of the machine through dialog communication.

Key features

  • feeding controlled by a servomotor and a ball-type screw
  • saw frame supported on a precise guide, pre-loaded without clearance
  • automated regulation of the cutting pressure
  • continuous roller track up to the main vice

Cutting parameters

450 450x450 450x450 450

Technical specification

Working mode: automatic
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Straight cut
Mitre cuts range: -
Drive: 5,5 kW, 3×400 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 20 - 120 m/min.
Saw band dimensions: 6 100 x 41 x 1,3 mm
Material loading height: 787 mm
Smallest sawing diameter: Ø 10mm
Shortest remainder length: 15 - 75 mm / 135 mm with bundle device

Machine dimensions

Length: 1 450 mm
Width: 2 890 mm
Height: 2 307 mm
Weight: 2800 kg

Suitable handling systems

Handling System X/XP

The new X/XP handling system offers unprecedented flexibility for tailoring a handling system to individual needs and conditions. Load capacities and automation levels can be adjusted with perfect flexibility and modified at a later time. Besides the roll conveyor in a regular and propelled version, the X system comprises a rich array of options, from vertical rollers, to length measuring systems all the way to cross conveyor units and shifting devices. The load capacity can be customized by the number of rollers and support feet used. The roll conveyor's feed profile even allows varying roller and foot distances on the same roll conveyor unit. When needed, additional rollers and/or support feet can be installed at any time.

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Handling System T


Device for clamping materials in layers and bundles with the use of an additional vertical clamping unit. Hydraulics preheatingFor low temperatures, the hydraulic oil is heated before the saw is started, which reduces the idle time for necessary viscosity to be achieved.

Third coolant supply Third coolant supply The third coolant supply is used for extra wide materials. The coolant supply is flexible and may be individually adjusted to the material shape.

Tenzomat - A precise measuring tool for the control of the saw band tension when a new band is installed. Tenzomat A precise measuring tool for the control of the saw band tension when a new band is installed.

Remote diagnostics and maintenance Remote diagnostics and maintenanceOver an Internet connection, status and error messages are transmitted to the factory and decrease downtime.

Pistol for machine cleaning Pistol for machine cleaningTool for fast and easy cleaning of the machine from chips and burrs.

Swarf removal system Swarf removal systemSwarf extractor with grabs for an integrated system of collection in Proline machines. The saw is prepared for the chip remover installation, which may be Plug-and-Play connected.

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