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Handlingsystem T

System T

Highly flexible handling solution for feeding medium weight materials. With the bearing capacity up to 600 kg and a wide range of accessories and connection parts of BOMAR band saws, System T is an ideal partner for handling materials in your workshop. Thanks to the default lengths of 2 and 3 m, the roller tracks are flexible and may be adjusted to any environment.

Key features

  • flexible handling solution
  • Individual modifications
  • Length measuring - precise cuts
  • wide range of connection pieces


Description  Width Module Rollers Roller Ø Legs Loading capacity 
T 440 440 mm 2000 mm 6 70 mm 3 600 kg/m
  440 mm 3000 mm 9 70 mm 4 600 kg/m
T 540 540 mm 2000 mm 6 70 mm 3 600 kg/m
  540 mm 3000 mm 9 70 mm 4 600 kg/m
T 640 640 mm 2000 mm 6 70 mm 3 600 kg/m
  640 mm 3000 mm 9 70 mm 4 600 kg/m

Lenght stops

TA – Manual material length-stop with band scale

TA measuring stop with simple adjusting and uncomplicated control. With a standard length 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 m, it is suitable for every saw. The guide-rail is fitted with a measuring tape along its whole length. The stop arm may be tilted to enable the material to pass through.

Measuring lengths
Type Measuring length
TA 2 2000 mm
TA 3 3000 mm
TA 4 4000 mm
TA 5 5000 mm
TA 6 6000 mm
TRA – Manual material length-stop with digital display

Without necessary power supply, with a long-life battery, the digital measuring stop TRA guarantees accurate measurements along the whole length. The stop support is adjusted manually and its position is shown on the display with 0,1 mm accuracy. The digital display shows absolute dimensions and dimensional strings. The stop arm may be tilted to enable the material to pass freely.

Measuring lengths
Type Measuring length
TRA 2 2000 mm
TRA 3 3000 mm
TRA 4 4000 mm
TRA 5 5000 mm
TRA 6 6000 mm
TRA 10 10000 mm
TNCA – Length-stop systems with automatic positioning

The CNC-controlled measuring stop TNCA provides a full comfort of an additional measuring axis of the machine. The control allows absolute dimensions and dimensional strings to be programmed and offers a 99 program memory with 99 entries. The length measurement is performed with a magnetic measuring system along the whole length of the stop with 0,1 mm accuracy.

Measuring lengths
Type Measuring length
TNCA 3 R/L 3000 mm
TNCA 4 R/L 4000 mm
TNCA 5 R/L 5000 mm
TNCA 6 R/L 6000 mm


Support leg Support leg A supporting leg may be mounted at any time as additional strengthening or modification of the basic version of connection with the full number of feet.

Fixed vertical steel roller Fixed vertical steel rollerIn an ideal position, aligned with the axis of the saw rear jaws, vertical rollers ensure angle precision, simpler working operations, and safety of the operator and other persons in the vicinity of the machine.

Legs for material preparationLegs for material preparationDue to the width of the support legs, sufficient material can be prepared for the cutting process. This will reduce the time and complexity of material preparation.