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Band Saws

Extend 1820.1820

Extend 1820.1820

A semiautomatic band saw of a double-column construction, designed for perpendicular cuts of full, as well as pro le materials of large diameters. The outstanding cutting power of the machine results from the following features: a three-sided hardmetal band precision guide, a saw arm laid both-sided on preloaded linear guides, a 80 mm high saw band and lastly, a synchronous running brush for chips disposal. The pedestal, frame and pillars in all Extend Series machines are lled with a polymer- concrete mixture developed by our company. In connection with preloaded, largely over- dimensioned guiding, the polymer-concrete technology allows the machine to perform cuts with almost no vibrations.

Material clamping and arm downfeed are controlled hydraulically, while the material feed is manual. The whole work cycle is completed at the press of a single button: the material is clamped, the saw band starts up, cutting is carried out, the arm is raised to the set top position, and the vice is opened. After switching the machine to the manual mode, all functions of the machine may be controlled separately.

All control elements are located on the freely- adjustable control panel. Material clamping is performed by a full stroke vice. The machine is equipped with a frequency convertor that allows the saw band optimal speed to be set against the processed material within the 15–90 m/min range; this signi cantly increases both the saw band lifetime and the machine’s productivity. Standard equipment also includes automatic downfeed pressure regulation depending on the resistance of the processed material, and continuously adjustable arm downfeed.

The saw band is tilted against the vice load surface at a 2° angle for universal usage. Upon request, the arm may be tilted at 6° for an even shorter cutting groove in pro les and supports, which substantially shortens cutting times and contributes to a longer lifetime of the saw band. Alternatively, the arm may not be tilted at all (0°) for processing full material. In connection with the feeding system, the saw may be extended to a fully automatic device.

Key features

  • Two-column structure
  • Hydraulic full-lift clamping vice
  • Continuously adjustable saw arm feed to depth and pressure to depth
  • Freely positionable control panel

Cutting parameters

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1820 1820x1820 1820      

Technical specification

Working mode: semiautomatic
Machine type: Horizontal bandsaw
Cut: Straight cut
Mitre cuts range: -
Drive: 18 kW, 3×400 V/50 Hz
Saw band speed: 15 – 90 m/min.
Saw band dimensions: 12 160 x 80 x 1,6 mm
Material loading height: 770 mm
Shortest remainder length:  40 mm
Smallest sawing diameter: -

Machine dimensions

Length: 7 725 mm
Width: 4 089 mm
Height: 5 390 mm
Weight: 29 000 kg

Suitable handling systems


Device for clamping materials in layers and bundles with the use of an additional vertical clamping unit. Manual bundle clamping device Device for clamping materials in layers and bundles with the use of an additional vertical clamping unit.

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